Always moving forward!


Welcome to the homepage of Electri, a unique technology/magic blend Minecraft server and community.


Electri is a high-life, high-tech world with a touch of magic. We like to build incredibly complex mechanics to sustain a modernized lifestyle for inhabitants, while also paying attention to the creative side of Minecraft. We strive to be more than just another server by employing a blend of Minecraft mods and plugins to build a unique player experience. Electri was built based on the philosophy of freedom. We offer a safe, enjoyable, open environment where you are free to choose whatever path you would like. Explore the world, settle down, live it big in the city, or find something totally new to explore!

Limitless Possibilities

How do you like to play Minecraft? Electi is an established and open community offering you, the player, the opportunity to excel at anything. Travel great distances accross alternate dimensions and build your humble abode abroad, or make yourself at home in a village or small town. Rent out a flat in the city and use our communal fab labs to make your dreams come true! This is Electri, the city of progress, and we look forward to seeing you in-game.


Our server is carefully monitored by staff to ensure that players experience a supportive and quality atmosphere in-game. We have few rules (things are more fun that way!) - the ones we do have are in place to ensure everyone is able to have a good time.